I love to research the music and visual world — I'm passionate about pop culture, and obsessed with the hidden and the underground. I'm a freelance who creates and develops original content for editorial projects, social media, events and exhibitions, from concept of ideas to creative production.
Visual Research

I’m a researcher for hire, available to hunt down even the most esoteric and eclectic visual references and images. Click HERE (and HERE) for examples of my work with music videos.

Music Research

I wrote two books about music of the past: NO WAVE and GLI ALTRI OTTANTA. The books look back at art and music movements of the 1970s and 1980s. I also curated a compilation and have been hosting a radio show.

Disco Simsim

A journey around the globe uncovering music gems from the past


Gli altri Ottanta

Racconti dalla galassia post-punk italiana

Agenzia X, 2014
ISBN: 9788895029993

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The Italian underground music scene of the 1980s as told by the voices of some of the most influential musicians of the time: Freak Antoni, Federico Fiumani of Diaframma, Gaznevada, Massimo Zamboni and CCCP, Krisma, Faust’O. After the explosion of punk, Italy also had its own musical renaissance, and some bands were able to interpret this need for change with a mix of multiple genres including rock, electronic, pop, reggae and disco music.

A collection of stories and memories from fourteen musicians who took their first steps then, it's a journey to the origins of the Italian independent music scene and to what lay the groundwork for cultural shifts that are still relevant today.

Featuring original accounts from: Freak Antoni (Skiantos), Marco Bertoni (Confusional Quartet), Carlo Casale (Frigidaire Tango), Andrea Chimenti (Moda), Faust’O, Federico Fiumani (Diaframma), Johnny Grieco (Dirty Actions), Marcello Michelotti (Neon), Giorgio Lavagna (Gaznevada), Cristina Moser (Krisma), Marinella "Lalli" Ollino (Franti), Giancarlo Onorato (Underground Life), Massimo Zamboni (CCCP), Fabio Zigante aka Miss Xox (Great Complotto)

No Wave

Contorsionismi e sperimentazioni dal CBGB al Tenax

Crac edizioni, 2012
ISBN: 9788897389040

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A book about No Wave and the New York art scene of the late 1970s. At the end of 1970s, the world economy is on the verge of a crisis and New York is a battlefield but it is precisely in that context that the No Wave revolution takes shape: a genre/non-genre, a way of making art, an attitude.

From the non-music of the bands of "No New York", to the art of Barbara Kruger and Dan Graham to the "New Cinema" of Amos Poe. New sounds and a new aesthetic are spreading, along with a different and innovative creative approach destined to leave a mark on future generations of musicians. In Italy, as much as in America, alienation and collective disillusionment prove to be excellent triggers to reject pre-existing styles and start experimenting with new solutions.

The book features interviews with Glenn Branca, Nina Canal, Rhys Chatham, Mark Cunningham, Jody Harris, Arto Lindsay, Lydia Lunch, Steve Piccolo, Weasel Walter, among others.

Italia NO!

Contaminazioni No Wave italiane (1980-1985)

Vinyl + CD
Spittle Records, 2013

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A compilation of songs of Italian bands from the 1980s inspired by the sound of New York’s No Wave scene.

Taking up the gauntlet thrown down by New York's No Wave scene, many Italian bands of the early '80s, playing far from the footlights of the world's stage, began creating compelling, and often cutting edge, hybrid sounds. This kind of experimenting soon went viral along the entire peninsula: from Southern Italy to the Alps, creating a brave new Italian take on post-punk. From the nervous white funk of Neopolitans Bisca, to the instrumental explorations of Confusional Quartet, to the "fake jazz" of the Hi-Fi Bros (who even had a track produced by Arto Lindsay), to Band Aid, this collection testifies to one of the most creative periods of the Italian underground.

«There's an amazing compilation of 80s-era New Wave Italian groups called 'Italia No', have you heard it?»

Thurston Moore, Sonic Youth (Il Venerdì di Repubblica, March 2017)
Pop-Eye Studio

I’m a partner of creative studio Pop-Eye Studio and work on Creative Content & Strategy with them.


Livia Sadriano
Illustration by Liselotte Watkins
Libri Belli

And in 2017 I founded the Libri Belli project gathering together the most inspired book covers of the past.

why you
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I’m a lifelong enthusiast of researching
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I’m a writer as well if the subject matter is beautiful enough to move me. HERE are a few of my pieces.

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Assez Vu. Old and inspiring pictures from the past is a collection of weird and wonderful old pictures from my research.

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